Made For These Times – A Book Review

made for these timesIn the introduction to “Made For These Times,” Katelyn Beaty says it well of who Justin Zoradi is and his contribution to society. She writes that Zoradi is, “a living testament to the notion that our lives are not to be hoarded for ourselves, but to be poured out for others to bring life, freedom, and kingdom hope.” She goes on to say that the kind of life that Zoradi promotes is countercultural, and upside down compared to the culture in which we live. It’s a high bar to set as the reader dives into this book, but I think that the praise Beaty gives to Zoradi is well-deserved.

“Made For These Times” is a book about purpose, about calling, about vocation, about eulogy virtues. How do we make a difference? Is it really possible to make a difference? Can we really make a difference while still valuing our relationships with our spouse and children?

Zoradi tells his own story interspersed with the stories of others who have arrived at a similar place that he has. His faith plays a significant part in telling the story as he seeks to make a difference. But he understands his own part in the story and that he is able to do what he does because of who he is in Christ. He also shares that it is impossible to do everything and, in fact, we aren’t supposed to do it all.

As Zoradi writes, “God prefers our efforts to be unfinished because it allows him to bring in others who will pick up where we left off. You cannot do everything.” It’s a significant conclusion to come to for someone as young as Zoradi, especially considering that there are countless stories of others who have sought to do significant work in their lives who paid the price of broken relationships, families, and even personal health.

I am sure that there will be critics of this book who consider all that Zoradi writes to be sensationalized fluff. I would respectfully disagree with anyone who might think that. Having abandoned one successful career to pursue something that was a calling rather than a career, Zoradi’s words resonated with me. In fact, this book was such an encouragement and confirmation for me to continue to pursue those things that are not necessarily successful in the eyes of the world or culture, but that have the potential for making a significant difference in the few people with whom I interact.

If you are sensing that there is something more to life than simply your 9 to 5 job, pick up a copy of this book. Zoradi will inspire you to live beyond yourself, to seek values that contradict those all around you. You may just find that taking that bold step towards the unknown was the best decision of your life because you were truly made for these times, made to make a difference.

(This review is based upon a copy of this book which was provided free of charge from Booklook Bloggers. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.)

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