Clearing My Head

2015-09-15 18.05.44Sometimes it’s good to just get away to clear my head. It’s not always possible, but as much as it is, I’ve found that it’s extremely helpful to change my environment and surroundings in order to break out of a funk or to think new thoughts.

It’s really easy to get into the rhythm of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If something isn’t working for us, trying harder to make it work won’t do anything but frustrate us and leave us completely exhausted. We’ve got to take a different approach if we’re stuck, and one of the best ways to take a different approach is to change where I am.

There are a lot of disadvantages of not having a real office in which to work. Sometimes I work from home and that gets a little harried when there are three young kids there at the same time. Add their friends to the mix and the craziness is pretty much more than I can bear. It’s also really difficult to help a three year old understand that Daddy can’t read a story to her in his workroom because he’s trying to get work things done. Heck, I sometimes have a hard time convincing my older two boys that my presence at home doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m available for all of their wants, needs, and desires.

But it also has its advantages. Starbucks and local restaurants and coffee shops can easily become my office for the morning, afternoon, or all day. I have the opportunity to interact with people who may not necessarily have graced the doors of a church building. I get to meet people who I would not normally meet. I also get to make any place an office if I have a notebook, a Bible, and all my relevant books that I need.

I also happen to know some pretty great people who have been blessed. Part of their being blessed means that they have vacation or getaway houses. They are more than generous with those houses and I have been the benefactor on numerous occasions.

It’s not only for vacation that I go to these places. More often than not, it’s to change my surroundings and see if I can be more productive in a paradise-like setting.

I found myself at such a place this week. I needed to get away for a planning retreat and was able to have the view pictured here for a few days.

There’s just something to be said for sitting on a porch with a laptop while smelling the salt air and listening to the waves lap against the shore over and over again for a period of hours. Letting that kind of white noise wash over me and drinking in all of God’s creation has a way of shaking me out of any funk in which I might find myself.

In a matter of days, I’ll be back to the same ol’ grind again, but hopefully it will be with renewed vigor and excitement. I’ve had a glimpse of the future and it’s brought me encouragement and motivation.

One day, I’ll find myself back in a familiar place, stuck trying to make heads or tails of how I move forward. When that day comes, I won’t get discouraged, I’ll remember this place and find a way to get back there again…..or at least some place just like it!

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