Flip Flops and No Watches

flip flops and sandThere’s something about going on a vacation where you only pack shorts, T-shirts, a swimsuit, flip flops, and the essentials. When you take off your watch at the beginning of the week and don’t put it on until the end of the week. When you take a deep breath as you enter into relaxation and disconnecting with just about everything but your family. All of these things are an indicator that I’m on my way to a relaxing week.

I do my best to practice Sabbath every week, but to have an entire week of that is a blessing that I sometimes forget about. Stopping to breathe and take everything in is a luxury that life rarely affords us, yet when we don’t do it, we will find ourselves burned out and bitter.

The sound of the ocean waves lapping on the sand of the beach ranks up there as one of the most relaxing sounds that I can hear. Watching the ebb and flow of the tide, listening to the waves, watching the birds and the people, it can consume me to the point of trance-like focus and concentration.

The biggest problem with taking the time to step away and practice extended Sabbath is that there is always reentry. There is always the moment when reality seems to slap you in the face. No matter how far your feet get off the earth, there is always that moment when they need to touch down again and reacquaint themselves with their normal routine.

I’ve grown a lot over the years, I’ve come to know myself better too. I know what I need to make transitions easier. I know the process of reentry and what can make the transition easier for me.

I’ve grown in not being so confined to the plan that was made at the onset of a trip. I try to stay as flexible as I can, not allowing “road blocks” to derail and frustrate me. After all, when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting on a line, if you’re with your family, it could be worse.

I’m settling back in and trying to prepare myself for the busyness that has a tendency of consuming me. I’m doing my best to ease in rather than jumping head first.

I’ll let you know how that goes!

One thought on “Flip Flops and No Watches

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