Life Is _____ – A Book Review

Life IsAugustine said that our hearts are restless until they find their rest in God. I think Judah Smith would agree with his statement. The tagline for his latest book, “Life Is ______” is, “God’s illogical love will change your existence.” We will not find satisfaction and completeness until we find that in God. We may search in all kinds of places, things, and people, but they will always fall short of what God offers us.

Judah Smith explains that the premise of his book is “that Jesus shows us how to live life to the fullest.” He then proceeds to explain this throughout his book as he breaks it into four sections which complete the “Life Is ______” statement: life is to be loved and to love, life is to trust God in every moment, life is to be at peace with God and yourself, and life is to enjoy God.

With self-deprecating humor, fascinating and personal stories, and simple expositions of Bible passages, Smith explains the Gospel to his reader. He continually points to the things in this world which may claim to offer us satisfaction but explains how these things will always come up short in comparison to what God offers us. He presents the Gospel message, clearly stating that we don’t earn our salvation, it is freely given to us through Jesus Christ. We will always fall short when we try to earn righteousness, which is why we need Jesus.

Life change doesn’t happen through rules and regulations, they don’t create inner motivation. Only Jesus and a relationship with him can accomplish that.

This book isn’t written for someone who wants to dive into something theologically deep. Smith presents things in a simple and easily understood way for those who may be just setting out on a faith journey or who haven’t even begun the journey yet. His clear communication of some essential principles of Christianity are helpful for anyone who always feels as if they are being spoken down to by pastors and teachers of the Bible.

“Life Is _____” was a helpful reminder of our need for a savior and our inability to produce salvation on our own. I would highly recommend it for someone who has not yet met Jesus yet who is experiencing all of the storms that life inevitably throws at them. If you don’t know someone who can benefit from this book, then you’re hanging out with the wrong people!

(This review is based upon a copy of this book which was provided free of charge from Thomas Nelson Publishing. These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.)

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