Cheaters Never Win?

patriots deflated ballsThere are two things in my life that I’ve really never been able to stomach very well: bullies and cheaters.

I was a bigger kid when I was younger, so I didn’t get bullied around very much, but I bore witness to bullying here and there. I was generally the kid who would befriend the kid who was being bullied. I just never liked to see kids who were a little different get bullied by other kids. Occasionally, I was made fun of for something or other like my clothes or my hair or my ears. I just tried to never let it get to me.

As far removed as I am from my childhood, it hasn’t changed my view of bullies. In fact, I think God’s taught me an awful lot about the need to find out the back story of someone before I really think I can understand why they are as they are and why they do what they do.

Cheaters are a different story and before I come across sounding “holier than thou” let me say that I am not without sin in this case. Although I can only count the times on one hand, there have been times when I have cheated. So, my frustration with cheaters could be a frustration at myself for those times.

But the cheating that I am talking about now pertains to sports.

In light of the recent allegations and investigations into the New England Patriots, I’m feeling incredibly conflicted. As a New England boy, I’ve rooted for the Patriots for a number of years. I haven’t been a fair-weather fan, liking them only when they play well. So, it troubles me greatly that their success might be attributed in any way at all with cheating.

Let’s face it, when you rise above others, you will have haters. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong. You may be doing everything above board and be completely above reproach and still garner your fair share of haters, but that knowledge should drive you to operate even more in zone of “above reproach.”

More and more news will be shared in the days to come about what the finding of the NFL investigation into the Patriots’ deflated balls in this past Sunday’s 45-7 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. But it’s frustrating to think that a team that you root for, YOUR team broke the rules.

No, it’s nothing new. During baseball season the headlines will inevitably break to another player using illegal substances to their advantage. Even in the world of NASCAR, there are stories of alterations to cars to make them more aerodynamically efficient in order to win. When it comes to sports, it seems that the rules were meant to be stretched, at best, and broken, at worst.

But why? Why has this become the norm?

Yes, we talk about cheating in sports here, but it extends so much further than this. When President Obama was elected and the names of his potential cabinet members were made public, conservatives everywhere were crying “foul” because of the numbers of them who had not paid taxes in years. Of course, what would have happened had those same conservatives been questioned about their own taxes.

It’s a frustrating world when everywhere you look you see cheaters. Sports. Politics. Education. Everywhere.

But we need to live differently. We need to be different. We need to be the exception to the rule. We need to live above reproach. We need to do our best to not all into the flow of the stream.

All of this news of deflated balls sours my mood towards the Super Bowl. How do I root for a team that breaks the rules? Can I, in good conscience, still root for them? Like any other kind of cheating, there’s a breach of trust that takes place. No matter how far you come from an incident, there will always be that doubt in the back of your mind that says, “They’ve done it before, are they doing it again?”

I’ve got to spend some time thinking and doing some soul-searching about this. No one’s perfect, no one is immune to the temptations of this world. But giving in to those temptations is another story all together. Right now, I can only change myself and I need to make sure that I don’t cheat. What to do with the cheaters that I’ve been rooting for is something I’ll think long and hard about.

While I get the idea of the old adage that “Cheaters never win,” it seems that the Patriots have proven that the contrary may be true.


2 thoughts on “Cheaters Never Win?

  1. Jon, I too am feeling over whelmed by the news, however I will not allow what the media is saying hinder my decision. We have heard that the NFL found 11out of 12 footballs not having the legal amount of air that is listed in the playbook. The NFL Rulebook says the max penalty for that is a 25,000.00 fine. Why should the Patriots have a stiffer penalty? Next each team. Must supply 12 game balls that are given to the NFL LEAGUE to be checked and tested, and then given to the Game Officials to keep until they are then turned over to the uniformed Ball Attendent to over see, which is a Official if the National Football League. The balls then go from their hand straight to the refs hands during the entire game. The Officials checked the 12game balls at the hall and found them lacking air, so the Officials then pulled the Patriots 12 backup balks and tested them and found them fine for the 2nd half, resulting in the mix up of the kicking balls and the game balls. I really cannot see that the Patriots cheated. If the balls had inflation issues, it can be chalked up to the wear and tear in the first half, or a discrepancy of the NFL OFFICIALS. The Officals had their hands on the ball after each play, not to forget before game started. I know this because I have done some research. Then I just learned that one of the Ravens players spoke with the Colts Managers and told then that the Patriots would be using deflated balls, pretty interesting. The NFL was aware of the alligations so that is why the balls were checked at half time. Getting more interesting. Why was this not discussed before the start of the game if the NFL is saying they were aware. In my opinion I feel like the Patriots have been set up, because of the win against the Ravens. Are they going to go after Aaron Rogers, because he always plays with over inflated balls. Eli Manning has his balks put threw beating and scratching and then re rubbed for he uses his balls, and other NFL players have said that no team ever plays with brand new balls because they are too slick. We are talking about a football. The majority of the Patriots points were scored in the second half. Again I stress, why aren’t the officials, being investigated. Also why did they wait until Tuesday to check some footballs, and on top of that why didn’t they check the Colts balls? Would any of these alligations be being made if the Colts had won? I think not. There is cheating going on, however I need to see a lot more proof than I am just hearing by the media. For now I will riot the Patriots on in the Super bowl, because they won that game regardless of some football scandal. Also think about all the NFL cameras that were placed all over that stadium. They would have seen a ball Attendent deflating balls, because it would have taken a ball pin being stuck in the pressure hole to release air. We are taught to research our Bible for the truth and not just except what people try to tell us as the gospel. Well that is what we all need to do in this case as well. The patriots are hated by a lot of teams and a lot of people, so unfortunately they are sitting ducks to be framed. As you soul search just think of this, am I giving up on the Pats because the media is convincing everyone the Pats are cheaters so it must be the truth or are you giving up for them out of fear of what your friends will say to you or how they will judge you. Trust me Jon I have gone over this since Monday, and until someone who is on the level can truly show me evidence that al, thenPatriots knew of this, Belichickbknew of this, BRADY knew of this and then turned a blind eye to it I will support them. Once a cheater always a cheater everyone is saying. Just wanted to give you some insight on my research since Monday. God Bless.

  2. ” All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”
    Today I checked the total value of fines given out by the NFL during 2014 for in-game rules violations that were so bad the league had to take extra disciplinary action. (equipment violations, obscene gestures, and various forms of player health threatening activity while the game was being played like “head stomping”. ) The Patriots were near the bottom of the list..ironically Indy was at the top. No team made it through 2014 without doing something that the NFL felt was an egregious rule violation. Many were much worse than whats in the news now. Of course, my point is theological : Man is a sinner ….:)
    It does seem though that this story is just a perfect storm for hype…
    PS- There have also been 775 arrests of NFL players since 2000 for doing bad-bad things – some that would curl your toes. Patriots are also at or near the bottom of that list too. (although – the Aaron Hernandez thing gets the Oscar.)

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