Nope, this isn’t a post about Spartans or the next movie based on one of Frank Miller’s graphic novels. It’s simply a celebration, of sorts, of my 300th post. 300 posts, that’s nearly one for every day of the year. 300 posts may be considered an awful lot of babbling for a blogger, depending on what it is that they write about.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with people who aren’t afraid to call me out. I can’t say that it’s always been fun, but it’s been worth it in the long haul because it has generally led to growth. Growth is good, if we really want it, but I have found far too many people who are completely satisfied to stay where they are. If I’m really honest with myself, I am one of those people at times. Growth means movement, it means progression, it means going forward, and that’s not always a comfortable thing to do. In fact, it’s usually pretty hard work.

I haven’t set up shop here on this blog to fill an inner need to be liked and followed. Sure, it’s nice to gain more followers, to know that you are being read by more and more people, but that’s not the driving factor.

I’ve generally been the kind of person who learns from the mistakes of others rather than feeling the need to make those same mistakes myself. Nope, can’t say that I’ve never made mistakes, and there’s no shame in that. Mistakes can lead to some of the greatest growth a person can experience, but if you can gain that same wisdom and growth by watching the experiences of others, is there really a need to go through it yourself?

This blog has caused me to look at myself in greater detail, through a stronger microscope. It’s caused others to look at me in a similar fashion. It’s not always comfortable and easy to put myself out there, admitting my own faults, but if I can’t admit that they’re there, how do I expect to move forward at all?

I’m grateful to have been here for 300 posts. I’m grateful that people have taken the time to read, to comment, to like, and to share what I’ve written. My hope and prayer is that growth can happen as we reflect on who we are, that I can grow as I begin to understand myself better and better every day.

Thanks for reading and following. Thanks for helping me keep asking the questions, keep searching for answers, and keep growing.

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