Through the Eyes of a Child

No matter how many times I tell myself that simplicity is a good thing, there is nothing that can drive that point home better than watching my children experience something for the first time. The innocence, joy, and wonderment that overcomes them is enough to make the most cynical and unemotional among us become weepy. It’s just priceless to see it, because it’s been a long time since I experienced things that way.

Do you remember when you experienced something for the first time? In the last few months, there was a video going viral on the internet of two women who were experiencing flying in an airplane for the first time. I imagine that one of the reasons that it went viral was because of the way that it reminded the viewer of what it looked like to be captivated by the wonder of something experienced for the first time.

What has that impact on you? Are there things that can make you feel like it’s the first time all over again? Are there experiences that can bring back that childlike innocence and wonder, no matter how many times you’ve experienced them?

I hope to God that I can always find a way to get back to that place again. I hope that I can still look at things from that “first time” perspective….or at least try to remember what it felt like. The minute that I stop doing that, that I stop remembering what it felt like, is the minute that I need to have someone remind me. That someone has usually been my kids, and boy am I thankful for that.

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