The Way Home Is Always the Longest

Ever notice when you’re on a road trip that the way home always seems to be the longest? It’s as if there are invisible forces that are keeping you away from home, seemingly making it beyond your reach and grasp. As hard as you try, that way home always seems to be marked by unforeseen circumstances that block your way and prolong the journey. Sometimes, it’s almost as if you can taste “home” but you just can’t get there.

After being gone for any length of time, it always seems like this is the case for me. Traffic creeps up where you once sailed along the roads. Potty breaks seem to be even more prevalent than before. Hunger pains hit more frequently. The need to stretch one’s legs occurs at an even greater rate. And the hours are lengthened as home awaits you.

The old adage that, “good things come to those who wait” seems to apply here. The elusiveness of home seems to make it all the more desirable and yet unattainable, at least temporarily. It’s almost like the forbidden fruit, because it’s so hard to come by, you want it that much more. The difference is that the comforts and familiarity of home are not forbidden, but they are desirable.

It seems that there is a pattern and theme of this throughout the biblical narrative as well. People are always journeying and they aren’t always getting where they need to get quickly. The Israelites are probably the greatest example, they spent forty years trying to get home and it seemed that the longer the journey, the harder it was to finally get there.

The question is, in our quest for “home,” what do we miss along the way? Are we so focused on the endgame, the final destination that we can’t see what’s all around us? What are we missing?

I’m learning to just “go with it.” In other words, I’m learning that sometimes life’s delays are meant to be teaching me something. What do these delays do to bring me in contact with something that I might have simply breezed by? What opportunities are standing there before me that I miss at 70MPH but that I can see clearly at 15MPH?

Yes, the way home always seems longest and the longer it seems, the more I want to get there, but there are things along the way that I miss if I get too destination focused. Sometimes, the joy in the journey comes with all of the things that weren’t planned from the beginning… least not by you.


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