Losing It

I have a tendency to take things for granted while they are easily accessible to me. The moment that they are taken away, let the whines ensue as I begin to rant and rave that my rights have been violated, that someone has infringed upon me, and that I want things back to the way that they were before.

It’s not uncommon for children who abuse their freedoms to have those freedoms taken away by their parents. Parents will ground their children and take away their freedoms, hopefully creating a moment for them to better appreciate what they have. If we better appreciate what we have, we might be less apt to take it for granted in the future.

I wonder what would happen if we lost our freedom in this country…….for just one day. How would we react? How loud would be whine? How many things would we grow to appreciate after we’d lost them?

Today is a day to celebrate freedom, but I wonder how much we really appreciate that freedom. It’s harder to appreciate the things for which we paid nothing. When we’ve actually had to pay for something though, we may have a tendency to appreciate it more. I would venture to guess that the people who have paid for freedom with their lives and limbs or the families who have lost in order for freedom to survive have a deeper appreciation for just how costly freedom is.

Today is our independence day, it’s our day to be free and to celebrate that. I need to remind myself what my freedom cost……..frequently. How about you?


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