One Year Here

Yesterday was my real birthday, and today is my WordPress birthday. Today, I celebrate one year with WordPress. In that year, I’ve gained more than four times the number of followers that I had on my old blog site. In that year, I’ve had nearly half of the views as I had in about five years at the old site. So, I’ve got to say that I am happy.

Life always seems to be full of change, some of it planned and some of it a surprise. The more that you plan change for yourself, the less it seems to surprise you when it comes on unplanned. It seems that life always throws curveballs, it’s just a question of whether or not we have trouble with the curve.

A year ago, when I made the change of my blog, I was stepping out, looking for something new, trying to do things differently. It was a little uncomfortable because it was change, and who of us really loves change as much as we really let on. Any time that we need to do things differently, it seems like it’s work and that can just make us downright uncomfortable.

There is a restlessness in me that bubbles up sometimes. The challenge with that restlessness is how I respond to it. Do I shove it down, pretend that it’s not there? Or do I respond to it, take it out, roll it over in my hands, try to discern where it’s come from and where it’s pushing me to?

If we are really honest with ourselves, we probably squash down that restlessness more often than we would like to admit. What opportunities are we missing when we do that? What things are waiting just around the bend if we are only willing to stand up and take notice of what’s before us?

Yeah, a year ago, it was only a blog, but I can feel the restlessness within me again. Where is it leading me? Where is it coming from? Is it me, or is it something much more powerful and strong than me?

I am grateful for all of my readers. I am grateful for those who encourage me to continue to do what I do. Thanks for helping me respond to the restlessness inside of me. I can only hope that I continue to feel it. Just because I don’t feel it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything that I am doing is right, it might just mean that I’ve squashed down that restlessness so many times that I either don’t recognize it anymore or it stops pushing up against me.



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