At Peace in the Storm – A Book Review

Life isn’t always candy canes and roses.  Many of us experience difficulties throughout life in the form of physical problems, family problems, emotional problems, and various other storms that might come our way in the midst of our journey.  In “At Peace in the Storm,” Ken Gire writes of his own struggles and offers some possible remedies to the storms that we inevitably face.

Gire says that, “we should not be surprised that the miracle of inner peace is a journey and a process for us” just as it was for Jesus.  The journey towards peace is something that takes time and effort, it’s a process that we must undertake which can’t be as easily remedied as some of the problems we face in our fast-paced culture.  When we find those places where we can encounter peace that God gives us, we need to erect remembrances, visual or mental, which can help us to remember God’s provision and faithfulness in the midst of our storms.

This peace that Gire speaks of can be found in various places: God’s Word, prayer, a listening ear, friends, music, art, books, movies, the Body of Christ, service to others, God’s creation, and various other means.  Where do we best find it?  It may just depend on who we are as we all won’t experience that peace through the same means.

Our culture moves at a fast pace and Gire speaks of a friend who laments a culture and world where, “we no longer sit on porch swings and anticipate drop-in, informal chats with neighbors and family.”  We don’t take time to rest and find peace and in the midst of our chaos, we experience the very opposite of what we need the most.

Much of what Gire says seems to be birthed out of his own experience.  He shares some of the difficulties that he has had in life and his own need to find peace in the midst of the storm.  Those experiences shaped and formed him to be who he is and have given him insight into helping others find this peace.  The examples and experiences that Gire shares are insightful and winsome, offering solace and comfort for those on the journey.

The book is a quick read.  It is mostly cohesive in its structure, but there are moments when I was lost in a chapter, wondering how it fit into the overarching theme of the book.  In the end, I saw the connection, but it seemed to be more of a stretch.  These moments were few, however, and I found much of what Gire wrote to parallel some of my own experiences of finding peace in the storms that I have encountered.

For those struggling with this elusive peace, Gire doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking or earth shattering here.  His insights are personal and warm and can prove to be salve for the wounded and aching soul in the midst of the journey.  If you are looking for something deeper than solutions and suggestions for finding peace in the storms, you might try C.S. Lewis as he wrestles with the problem of pain, but for those seeking comfort, this might be a good place to start.

(This review is based upon a copy of this book which was provided free of charge from Bethany House Publishers.  These opinions are my own; I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated for this review.)

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