A Poem for Black Friday


It’s Thanksgiving Thursday and all through the house,

The turkey coma’s set in, they’re passed out on the couch.

The meals have been eaten, desserts were consumed,

They’ve eaten and eaten until there’s no room.

Football, parades, holiday movies have been watched,

There’s still something waiting, more plans to be wrought.

All the circulars are stacked and set on the table,

Our lists have been made and we’re hoping we’re able

To take part in this wonderful time of the year

When we buy things we don’t need to bring us some cheer.

retail crowds

We stand in the lines, we wait in the cold,

We ignore tales of chaos that we have been told.

Someone trampled at WalMart, a fistfight at Target,

At Best Buy the SWAT team is ready and set.

I’ve heard they’ve got SwapForce and Wii U’s aplenty,

Just what you “need,” but hurry, they’ve only got twenty.

There are TVs as big and as cheap as can be,

It won’t matter they stop working a week from today.

The prices are slashed, they’re half what we’re used to,

What we didn’t really need has become an essential.

But what’s it all for?  Who says what we need?

Should we leave our families with such vigor and speed

To go after the deal that’s really quite small

When you weigh out the price for the product overall.

We’re passionate for savings, we’re searching for deals,

But what have we lost as we abandon our meals.


I thought that Thanksgiving was about all that we’ve got,

Our families, our friends, our blessings and not

About all the things that we wish that we had

Hoping to buy into the latest big fad.

Contentment with all that we have been given,

I think that’s the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

So, maybe I shouldn’t go search for the bargains

And instead take some time as this season begins

To reflect on all of the things that I’ve got

Rather than searching for things that I’ve not.

I can be thankful for what’s been given to me,

My house and my friends and my great family.

For there are many people, every place, everywhere,

Who’d be grateful for some of it, even a very small share.

Happy Thanksgiving, a day late, but it seems fair

That if they can take our day then we can take theirs.

Here’s hoping and praying that we can hear

That we should be grateful every day of the year.



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