Monday Morning Blues

Garfield_Monday_Blues_02Every Monday morning, millions of people wake up to face the same thing: Monday Morning Blues.

It seems that Monday has a bad habit of coming every 7 days, no matter what you do.  Every once in a while, we throw in a holiday on Monday, effectively putting off our inevitable feeling to Tuesday instead, but it still comes, we still experience those blues.

As a pastor, especially one whose church meets in a school, we don’t have the typical weekday events.  While I see some church members throughout the week at meetings, rehearsals, studies, and other happenings, Sunday stands as the day when I see the majority of people.  So Sunday becomes a very special day for me.

We have worked hard to create an environment on Sunday mornings when we come together, a place where we take the Bible seriously, where God is worshipped truly, and where everyone wants to be there every Sunday to see exactly what God is up to.  In fact, I hate missing Sunday mornings just because it seems that we hear a lot about what God is doing among us, and that’s something that I don’t ever want to miss.  I’ve heard others express a similar sentiment about Sunday mornings, they just don’t want to miss it.

When you put a whole lot of yourself and your energy into a few hours a week, it can take an awful lot out of you.  It’s not unusual for me to come home after a Sunday morning and lay down for a nap.  Whether leading music, preaching a sermon, or just being part of our Sunday morning gathering, it feels like an emotional investment every single time, it feels like you’ve given a big part of yourself, like you’ve given part of yourself away.

This kind of experience can easily lead to a major release.  I can easily find myself discouraged, hitting a wall, or bottoming out.  The thing is, I keep living with hope and expectation.  When I see God do big things, I can’t wait to see him do more and bigger things.  While there is some letdown, there is also a growing anticipation for what could be.

Once upon a time, Sunday nights and Monday mornings were difficult, they were hard to work through because I knew where I would end up on Monday morning and where I would stay until Friday afternoon.  Now, I know where I will end up on Monday mornings, and it’s a much different place, it’s a place where there is excitement and expectation.  I can’t wait to see what happens.

This isn’t to say that there are no difficult moments in doing what I do, I experience those on a regular basis, but I do my best to not let those moments steal my joy.  I would much rather focus on the potential of what could be rather than getting stuck in a moment of what was and what has been.  Difficulties will come and go, but it’s the moments of hope and expectation that help me through those tough times.

I am privileged to be able to use the gifts that God has given me for his glory.  It’s an exciting place to be in and I don’t ever want to take it for granted.  Monday mornings may still bring some difficulties and dreariness, but when I get the chance to live in expectation of what God will do, that’s enough to help me through it.  It’s always an adventure and I’m excited to see what the day will bring.  If I only hear one story of God working in an incredible day, that alone will be enough to keep me encouraged.

Here’s hoping to hear some new stories about what God is doing today.  I’m keeping my eyes wide open.


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