A Strange Week

long strange tripI sat down to write a Facebook status update that ended up turning into lines and lines of diatribe about this past week.  So, I decided that it was better to just update the blog.  It’s been a strange week.

Sunday night, I drove through the night to get back home after a weekend with family in Connecticut.  I’m not sure the last time that I drove through the night until 4 in the morning, if I ever did it before, but it has taken a lot out of me.  I have been in a proverbial fog all week long.

My daughter has not been sleeping well which has resulted in my wife and I not sleeping well, further contributing to the fogginess in my head.  I snickered when I heard a friend tell me yesterday that he had not slept through the night since his first child was born.  Brutal.  I can feel his pain as I used to be one of the heaviest sleepers that I know.  Unfortunately, those days are gone and I wake too easily.

I’ve been wading through the Fall doldrums this week as well.  Trying to look forward to the future while living in the present and remembering the past.  I don’t want to set myself up for failure or put too much weight on future events, but there are a few things coming down the pike that I really need to get past.  They have been weights on my shoulders and to have them behind me would be a really good thing.

After about 8 months as a new church, we are beginning to get our feet underneath us a little bit more.  As we look towards our budget for the next year, I reached out to a friend whose heart has been for missions in Africa since I met him many years ago.  I had the privilege of performing his wedding and have grown to appreciate he, his wife, and their son even though we don’t get to spend a lot of time together or talk as often as we should.  I am hoping that our church can help to get the family onto the mission field, a dream and desire that they have had for a long time.

Facebook has been aglow with happenings at my seminary alma mater.  Trying to decipher the happenings by sporadic updates from individuals has been difficult at best.  From my perspective so far, it looks as if some beloved professors have been cut from staff for financial reasons.  Not sure how the institution arrived at the conclusions that they did, but these two professors (and probably others whose positions were cut) were memorable and influential to me in my time there.  I’ve said that there are three sides to every story, but it’s harder to get the other two sides while you are in the thick of your own story.  I guess I will see how things develop.

The overarching story of the week has been the Boston Red Sox.  Somehow, they’ve managed to grind out three wins against the former 2012 American League Champion Detroit Tigers.  It’s been a tumultuous ride where pitching has taken a front seat and hitting has been sparse until the past few games.  Anything can happen, it’s October baseball, but regardless of what does happen, I think that I can honestly be content to know that after such an abysmal season last year, they contended this year and put all of their efforts forward.

Today, I will spend the day at my son’s school.  There is a program called the Watchdog program in which dads volunteer their time to spend the day at the school helping out.  I wanted to volunteer on my son’s birthday, but that was Monday, a school holiday.  I am so grateful for this program and the opportunity to be part of the school community more intimately for a day.  I’ve had many friends of grown children who have told me that their children grew up so fast, that they blinked and discovered that their children were in college.  I’ve believed them and have made the conscious effort to take advantage of opportunities like the Watchdog to spend as much time with my kids as I can.

Overall, it’s been an interesting week.  The Fall has been too busy and I already want a break from it.  Looking forward to a less stressful weekend with some exciting opportunities.  Strange weeks will come and go, but I’ll get through them.  You just grin and bear it and take advantage of what’s in front of you.  We’ll see how that works out for me.


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