A Milestone….of Sorts

This weekend marked the one month anniversary of my blog transition to wordpress.com.  In that brief time, I have gained nearly as many folone monthlowers as I had gained in over four years at blogspot.com.  I have been much more consistent in my postings and I have been glad to have heard feedback from people about my ponderings.

I remember nearly 5 years ago when my wife encouraged me to start a blog.  I was vaguely familiar with the concept but unsure that anyone would be interested in what I would have to say.  Having played out as a folk musician with my own music many years ago, I knew the feeling of putting myself out there and the vulnerability that comes along with that, so it was not an entirely new experience for me.  But there was still some hesitation and trepidation.

In a conversation that I had this weekend, I was reminded of the need to take my own advice to heart.  In talking with my friend who was considering a blog post on adoption, he felt that he did not have much to offer in comparison to some of the other “heavy hitters” that are blogging today and who have written on adoption.  I reminded him that the people with whom he is in relationship do not have relationships with these “heavy hitters” while they do with him.  His influence can be greater among those with whom he is in community.

I need to remember that.  Sure, there are people who are smarter, funnier, and way more eloquent than me, but the people with whom I have relationships don’t necessarily know them.  But they do know me and respect me.  I have the opportunity and privilege to be able to share my thoughts with them and hopefully bring some encouragement and even challenge into their lives.

While many of us may never be famous or speak to hundreds of thousands of people, we all have a sphere of influence that is unique.  We all have relationships and communities with whom we can share, be ourselves, and offer our insights.  Those relationships and communities are invaluable to us, at least they are to me, they should never be taken for granted and certainly not underestimated.

Even if just one person reads my blog and is challenged, encouraged, enlightened, or whatever, I feel like it would be all worthwhile.  After all, it’s not always about numbers.  I can tout the greatest numbers in the world, but if there is no fruit from those numbers, does it really matter?  If I have thousands of followers on my blog and all it does is make people say, “That was nice” and then walk away and stay the same, I don’t really think it’s worth it.  I want to be an influencer and a world changer, even if it’s only for a small number of people.

Don’t underestimate the power of your influence.  If God’s calling you to something and you feel strongly about it, don’t shy away from it.  You might not sign a book deal or be on the speaking circuit, but what you have, your unique gifting, can be used by God for his kingdom’s work.


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